Mentorship Sessions 

Do ever feel like the time spent with your Psychic Medium/ Spiritual Consultant just isn't enough? 

Do you feel like you just want more?

We are now offering a private, personalized

Spiritual Consultation and

Mentor-ship sessions.

You can have us all to yourself!

We will go over what your personal needs are such as:

What you'd like to learn

How to increase your inner power

Guide you to strengthening your Spiritual growth

and / or anything else you'd like to learn or discuss.

Call to book your Spiritual Consultation session today!

Read Crew Members Page for contact info for the

Reader you'd like to spend your time with.


Personalized mentorship


Kathy Eckman

 $100 an hour

Call 814-771-8615

 to Schedule your

"One on One" Personal Session TODAY!