Mentorship Sessions 

Do ever feel like the time spent with your Psychic Medium/ Spiritual Consultant just isn't enough? 

Do you feel like you just want more?

We are now offering a private, personalized

Spiritual Consultation and

Mentor-ship sessions.

You can have us all to yourself!

We will go over what your personal needs are such as:

What you'd like to learn

How to increase your inner power

Guide you to strengthening your Spiritual growth

and / or anything else you'd like to learn or discuss.

Call to book your Spiritual Consultation session today!

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Personalized Mentorship



 $100 an hour

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"One on One"

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Here are the Sessions Davina is offering....

...Witchy Classes...

"Halloween, & Spooky Stuff"

All levels Welcome

In this class you will learn what Samhain aka Halloween is. How the Pagans celebrated this day. What spells you can do during this harvest season to bring in prosperity, blessings and luck. Why October 31st is important for Witches to Honor this "Day of the Dead."

Samhain, October 31st, is a Gaelic festival marking the seasons end of harvest and the dawn of winter, otherwise known as the "darker half" of the year. Traditionally, this Celtic day marks the halfway point between the Autumn equinox and the Winter solstice. You will learn you why this is a very special time for all Pagans, when the veils between the Spirit World and ours are thinning on this liturgical day dedicated to remembering, and connecting to the

 "Crossed Over." Let's get Spooky with it!


"Which Witch is Witch?"

All levels Welcome

Have you felt the calling to become something of greatness? You do sense a strong pull to Nature and do you have a desire to help and heal others? Would you like to understand why we need the Goddess/God and our Spirit Guides in our lives?

In this class Davina will delve down the path of the Witch. She will discuss the different types of Witches, the true history, the various types of Magick, different ways of Crafting, and learn what casting circle is and what it means to work your Witchy path.


"Your Witches Cupboard"

All levels Welcome

In this class you will learn about all the items you should have in your cupboard. The how to's of what magickal supplies you will need that will amp up your magickal workings. You will learn what colors work to improve your crafting, what herbs, candles, sigils, elements, how to make your very own powerful wand, what different types of trees to use to make various types of wands, how to set up protection, how to create your BOS (Book of Shadows), and which magical words you can chant to increase your power.



All levels Welcome

The "Wheel of the Year" represents the holidays that are important to many Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches. These Sabbats follow a nature-based calendar and include four solar and four seasonal festivals. The solstices and equinoxes are tied to astronomical timing. This is class is geared for the solitary practitioner. You can choose to celebrate the many festivals however you choose, yet this class will give you ideas how to make your celebrations fantastic . You will also learn about the different colors, foods, and decorations associated with each of these Sabbats. There is a celebration about every six weeks, so there’s always something to look forward to!



All levels Welcome

The Goddess Hecate is the Goddess of the Underworld. In the class you will learn who she is, what she does, what she can do for you, how she can help you in your magickal workings, and how she can protect and guide you in many areas of your life. You will learn how you can honor the triple Moon Goddess: The Mother, the Maiden, and the Crone. She is the Queen of Witches who will bestow her great knowledge to you if you only know how to ask.


...Magick Classes...

"The Craft and Spell Work"

A Lesson in Enhancing Your Personal Magick

Beginner to Advanced

Are you tired of your Spells backfiring or not producing your desired results? Perhaps are you simply desiring to learn how you can bring Magick into your life? This class discusses what Magick is, the different types of Magick, how to properly plan your spells, how to set up your salt circle, how to work with wands, and how to Spell craft effectively. You will learn how to work with different moon cycles, the elements, and various tools and materials you will need. You will learn how you can work the directly with the Gods, Goddesses, elements and Spirit Guides to get the most potent results. You will gain a better understanding of the power of casting your Magickal circle and how to work Magickal Spells into your path to help you manifest your desired outcomes.




"Palmistry Basics"

All levels Welcome

Ever wonder what the lines on your hands mean? Every line on your palm tells your story. The ancient art of Palmistry teaches about your personality, relationships, health issues, what to look out for and much more. You will learn the different hand shapes, the mounts, what each fingers represents and of course what all the major lines are. The lines often change, and you will learn what you need to pay attention to, for not only you, but also for your friends and family.


Numerology Classes



Personal Journey"

All levels Welcome

Did you know your name and your birthday have a specific number that helps identify your personal purpose, your natural abilities, and what you really want out of life? Your numbers can also give guidance to helping you understand potential future events, and what you may need to learn to increases your personal power and better define your path.

Do numbers like 1111 or 333 keep coming up? Or perhaps you may be confused about any number sequences that repeats over and over again?

Would like to learn how you can create your very own Magickal Sigil to aid you in strengthening your desires? In this class you will learn about numbers, their meanings, and how to make numbers work for you and how to increase your personal power in your every day life.


Shadow Work 


"Your Shadow Self"


We all have a dark side. Have you ever done something so out of character to only later ask yourself, "Why did I do that?" "Where did that come from?" There are scary, ugly, hidden parts of ourselves we have not dealt with in our lives. And this greatly affects all of our relationships, especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

Our "Shadow Self" is not negative, it's who we are, under the surface. Most of us do not understand the darker side of our nature. There so much going on inside each of us, much of which we may not even be aware of.

In the class you will learn how to uncover your secret self, to meet "you" as you truly are. Shadow work can help heal wounds, help you to make necessary changes for your life, and help you understand why you are the way you are. This class aspires to take you on a Shadow Self journey and lead you to discover why you do the things you do.


There will be more Davina's classes in the near Future.


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