Mentorship Sessions 

Do ever feel like the time spent with your Psychic Medium/ Spiritual Consultant just isn't enough? 

Do you feel like you just want more?

We are now offering a private, personalized

Spiritual Consultation and

Mentor-ship sessions.

You can have us all to yourself!

We will go over what your personal needs are such as:

What you'd like to learn

How to increase your inner power

Guide you to strengthening your Spiritual growth

and / or anything else you'd like to learn or discuss.

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Personalized Mentorship



$100 an hour

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Here are the Sessions Alena is offering....

Taking Your Life to the Next Level

Releasing blocks for any pattern, behavior, issues, traumas, addiction or relationship issues

Guided Meditation and Hypnosis 

for meeting and connection with your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Elementals, Spirit Animals. Learn about each Being and how they can elevate your life. Utilizing guided meditations and hypnosis to access your higher self to communicate with your Healing Beings, to learn what each of their energies feel like and to access the information of how they can help you live your best life.

Learn how to Manage, 

Maintain and Protect your Energy

This is helpful for EVERYONE, but especially those in healing fields, such as nursing, teaching, energy workers, massage therapy, esthetician, beautician, anyone who is often in close contact with others’ energy. If you tend to feel others energy, feelings or pain, or otherwise feel like you are taking on other people’s problems these can be useful tools!

Embracing your Divinity: 

opening to your spiritual gifts.

 If you have closed them down or shut them off you can reawaken or access that innate wisdom. Possibly journeying to a past life to bring back any skills or gifts to use in this life.

Greening and Detoxifying 

your home and body 

Identify all of the products or routines that can be cleaned up to reduce your exposure to toxins to improve your overall health. There are many toxins in our food, furniture, home care products, body care products and food. Sometimes it is hard to determine all areas where changes need to be made, but that’s where I can help. I have spent years changing our food sources, our home environment and the items we use in our home and on our bodies. 

 Let me help you to make these changes too!

Healing with Love and Laughter

Healing physical, mental and emotional traumas or birth trauma. What needs healed in your life? What blocks are holding you back? Do you need to have more fun or desire to laugh more? Would you like to discover the things that bring you happiness? Through guided meditations we will start the process to heal and let go of what no longer serves you in your current life so you can find fun, laugh more and bring happiness back into your life. You will be guided to connect with the Spirit Beings that will be helping you along the way. Guiding you toward healing and practices that bring more laughter and joy, love and life.

Healing Intergenerational Trauma 

Ancestral trauma healing and any forgiveness work for this life or past lives. You may not know what needs healed, but we will journey to find any patterns, thoughts or issues that have been passed down generation to generation that need healed for the happiest and healthiest life possible. You may not even be aware of family traumas that are still affecting the current generations.


-What does cell memory mean?

-Exploring old stories or patterns that you’d like to change

-Meditation to bring forward any old patterns or traumas no longer serving you

-Meditation to bring forward ancestors for conversation, forgiveness and release

-Meditation to meet Healing Being/s that will continue to assist you on your healing journey

-Setting goals and identifying boundaries for yourself, your relationships, bringing more healing and peace to your life

-Ceremony to honor Self and Ancestors

Chakra Balancing and Basics

What does your body, mind or spirit need from each of your chakra energy centers? We will do a meditation and reading to answer that question.

“Each of the 7 Chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness and well-being in our lives and in the world.” ~Deepak Chopra”


-Chakra balancing guided meditation

-Review each of the chakras, their location, the systems they represent and how to balance and enhance their effects in your life using pendulum, crystals, Angels, sound and essential oils.

-Review the basics of Kundalini and how to use to amplify your life.

-The Ten Bodies and the Chakras basics

-Chakra reading guided meditation and hypnosis. What does your body need from you?!

Learn Calming Tools 

for peace of mind, body and spirit

The various tools for calm and peace include: gemstones, essential oils, power of words, meditation, EFT, cognitive behavioral shifts, earthing/grounding, breath work, AA trigger work, emotional intelligence. You don't need to know what these are! I will teach you each tool. Come away feeling like you have tools to handle day to day stress and expanded perspectives for more fully engaged living.


--Understanding Physical, Mental and Emotional relaxation

-Learn the elements of guided meditation and writing your own.

-Learn how to raise your energetic vibration and the science behind it (-gemstones –oils –music –power of words -meditation -Sound meditation-Binaural beats, Solfeggio frequencies, Rife frequencies -yoga –animals -laughter –joy and gratitude)

-Learn calming tools, the science and implementing of them

EFT, Earthing/grounding, breath work, mudra, CBT, AA trigger work, emotional intelligence, reappraisal, cognitive behavioral shifts

-Guided meditation and hypnosis to learn about personal triggers.

- Guided meditation and hypnosis to learn which tools are the absolute best for you and the optimal times to utilize them.

Learn Grati-tools: 

implementing a gratitude practice to transform your life to one of joy and contentment

"You will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given to you" ~Sarah Ban Breathnach


-We will discuss how to develop and implement a gratitude practice that amplifies your life, not adding more to dos.

-We will review poems and quotes of gratitude that will lead to some critical thinking and discussion on the topic of integrating a gratitude practice into your daily life

-We will review the meaning of locus of control and how that can impact the way we view the world.

-We will discuss other gratitude tools

-We will discuss the practice of writing a letter to someone for whom you are grateful. We will take this a step further and engage in a guided meditation to call their soul before you (they can be in this world or on the other side) to offer your gratitude on a soul to soul level.

-We will engage in a guided meditation and hypnosis to find what will truly benefit your mind, body and/or spirit.

Birth Hypnosis

At least 3, 90 min sessions required. If choosing the childbirth deep dive class then the final session will be the day of the childbirth class.


-Learn the 3 steps of self-hypnosis

-After evaluation a personalized birth script will be written, practiced and provided.

One day, Natural focused, 

Partner supported pregnancy, 

Labor and Birth Deep dive Preparation.

 Pricing at $400 for a 6 hour class.


-Learn various relaxation techniques. We will cover the 3 types of relaxation-physical, mental and emotional. Scripts developed and provided for relaxation techniques. Research has shown that it takes approx. 3 months to become adept at relaxation.

-Overview of pregnancy specific exercises as preparing for labor is like preparing for a marathon-you wouldn’t expect to go in the day of a marathon with no training and expect to do well! And nutrition for a healthy pregnancy and to keep a woman low risk

-Overview of the progression of pregnancy and first and second stage of labor. Understanding the changes in the body, reviewing positions and comfort measures. Reviewing what is happening prior to labor, early, active first stage, nap, transition and pushing positions. We will cover emotional signposts, behavior, physical signs, contraction length, sensations, needs and reminders. Reviewing the partner’s role in preparation, labor and delivery.

-Identifying birth preferences. We all know nothing goes exactly as planned, but it is important to know what you and don’t want and why, mentally, emotionally and physically. Be prepared to ask questions and weigh pros and cons

-Preparation for your new family. Newborn procedures, care, breastfeeding info, postpartum support and mood disorder review.

Learn Self Hypnosis

3 sessions or a minimum of 3 hours needed if choosing the 1 day option.

The benefits of learning self-hypnosis are limitless! Calming anxiety and stress, forging new thought patterns, strengthening positive behaviors. Self-hypnosis can be used in between 1 on 1 sessions to enhance a session or on its own to change any thought, pattern or behavior you'd like. The benefits can include reducing anxiety, depression, insomnia, improving relationship issues, sports and athletic performance, releasing the effects of past physical, mental or emotional traumas, pre and post-surgery preparation and pain reduction. You will be learning the techniques of self-hypnosis throughout the 3 sessions or 3 hours. Also, the benefits of hypnosis and how the subconscious and conscious mind work together to affect our day to day functioning.


If there are any other topics of interest please reach out and we can see if I can be of help. If you would like to pick and choose pieces from several offerings that can be arranged as well.


**If you are experiencing extreme financial hardship please contact me for sliding scale fees.

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